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MUSKWA-KECHIKA Management Area!

The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA), situated in northern British Columbia, Canada and was designated in legislation (M-KMA Act and Regulation) in 1998.  It is a globally significant area of wilderness, wildlife, ecosystems and cultures, that must be maintained in perpetuity.  World class integrated resource management decision-making must be practiced ensuring that resource development and other human activities take place in harmony with wilderness quality, wildlife and the dynamic ecosystems upon which they depend.

Management direction for industrial activities within the M-KMA differs from management direction for industrial activities outside of the "M-KMA. Within the M-KMA, the emphasis of management direction is to maintain in perpetuity the wilderness quality, the diversity and abundance of wildlife and ecosystems upon which it depends while allowing resource development.  Outsie of the M-KMA, the reverse is often the case i.e. management direction is to maintain resource development opportunities to sustain the economic base of communities while maintaining high outdoor recreation, wilderness, wildlife, and biodiversity values for future generations.

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Muskwa-Kechika Quick Facts


The M-KMA includes Parks and Protected Areas where resource extraction is prohibited, and management zones where resource extraction may occur, according to higher standards than elsewhere in the province (e.g. best management practices for oil and gas development).



The M-KMA lies in the traditional territories of the Kaska Dena, Treaty 8 and Carrier-Sekani. The following are First Nations Communities found within or adjacent to the M-KMA.


Kaska Dena First Nations: Kwadacha First Nation, Daylu Dena Council, Dease River First Nation, Fireside, Muncho Lake.


Carrier-Sekani: Tsay Keh (say-kay) Dene.


Treaty 8 First Nations: Halfway River First Nation, Prophet River First Nation, Fort Nelson First Nation