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MUSKWA-KECHIKA Management Area!

The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA), situated in northern British Columbia, Canada, is a globally significant area of wilderness, wildlife and cultures, to be maintained in perpetuity, where world class integrated resource management decision-making is practiced ensuring that resource development and other human activities take place in harmony with wilderness quality, wildlife and dynamic ecosystems on which they depend. The M-KMA was designated in legislation (M-KMA Act, 1998).

We are proud to announce our recent signing of the updated UNBC/MKMA Advisory Board Collaborative Partnership Agreement.  Click here to see the announcement.

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MK Quick Facts

  • 6.4 million hectares
  • Approximately the size of Ireland
  • Pronounced (musk-quah-ke-chee-kah)
  • Translated, Muskwa means Bear and Kechika (Ketchika - Táhdáséh) means long inclining river
  • The M-KMA includes Parks and Protected Areas where resource extraction is prohibited, and management zones where resource extraction may occur, according to higher standards than elsewhere in the province (e.g. best management practices for oil and gas development).

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The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA) is one of the largest, most diverse wilderness areas in North America, with expansive forests, spectacular geological formations, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, sub-alpine and alpine areas and major wetlands.

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The land now designated as the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area has tremendous cultural and heritage significance.

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Natural resources in north-eastern British Columbia have been identified as a source of vast economic wealth.

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