The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area is intended to establish a world standard for environmental sustainability and economic stability, serving as a model that balances human activities such as resource extraction and tourism with conserving its environmental values and wilderness state over time.

The M-KMA intent, as stated in the M-KMA Act, is to:
"Maintain in perpetuity the wilderness quality, and the diversity and abundance of wildlife and the ecosystems on which it depends, while allowing resource development and use in parts of the M-KMA designated for those purposes, including recreation, hunting, trapping, timber harvesting, mineral exploration and mining, and oil and gas exploration and development."
(M-KMA Act)

The M-KMA has local, regional, national and global significance. By designating this unique area for innovative management, British Columbians are playing a role in preserving wilderness and increasing protected areas, while simultaneously securing access to natural resources and creating a positive climate for long-term investments in British Columbia.

Management Area

Quick Facts

The M-KMA includes Parks and Protected Areas where resource extraction is prohibited, and management zones where resource extraction may occur, according to higher standards than elsewhere in the province (e.g. best management practices for oil and gas development).