M-KMA Resource Development

(posting reports/documents in progress!)

Monitoring and Restoration for Industrial Development in the M-KMA  (Project by Green Tree Resource 2010)

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 Oil and Gas 

O&G Planning Construction Guide BC  (OGC document)

O&G Regulation Discussion Paper  (2005 MEMPR O&G Policy)

M-KMA O/G Worker Orientation Manual  (2007 by M-KAB)

M-KMA Geophysical Guidelines    (2004)

M-K Evaluate Impacts Roads & Wellsites  (EBA report 2006)

Helicopter Drilling M-KMA Feasability Study

Helicopter Drilling Technical Report  (2003)

Heli Portable report Equador  (W Sawchuk) 

Murphy Chicken Creek Report  (W Sawchuk)

Oil and Gas Site Contamination Risks  (OGC)


M-KAB Joint Solutions Workshop Report  (2006)

M-KMA Worker Orientation Manual  (2008 by M-KAB)

M-KMA Mineral Exploration and Development Potential (2013 EBA)

Access Study Ecstall Mineral Tenures

Churchill Mine Clean Up Report  (Tech 2004) 

MoE Exploraton Guidelines Fact Sheet 

Mineral and Coal Exploration Handbook (Prov of BC)

Mining BC 2007 Progress Report 

BC Mining Plan  (Jan 2005)

 Wind Energy

Wind Energy tenure map  (2013 with Commercial Rec tenures)

 Wind Power Project Report (2010 Wildlife Infometrics)


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