M-KMA Research

(updating and posting documents in progress!)

UNBC Research

UNBC and the M-KAB have had a Partnership Agreement since 1999. This partnership has led to important research being undertaken for the benefit of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area.

Current Partnership Agreement UNBC & M-KAB  (2015)

Research Framework for M-KMA  (2000)

An Ecosystem Approach to Habitat Capability Modelling  & Cumulative Effects Management  (1999-2005)

 Part 1: Winter Habitat Selection & Calving Strategies of Woodland Caribou in Besa Prophet  

Part 2: Habitat Selection & Behavioural Strategies of Stone's sheep in Besa Prophet 

Part 3: Defining Predator Prey Landscape in Besa Prophet 

Part 4:Habitat Selection by Moose and Elk in Besa Prophet


Uncertainty & Sensitivity in Habitat Suitability Models  (2004)

Ecological Importance of Mineral Licks Tuchodi Watershed (2004)


Fish and Wildlife Research

Wildlife Values Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks (1995)

Small Mammals of M-KMA Report  (2001)


M-KMA Historical Overview (2000)

M-KMA Additional Overview (2001)

Lower Tuchodi Lake (2000)

Upper Tuchodi Lake (1999)

Besa Prophet Fish Overview (2000)

Upper Muskwa Overview (2001)

Upper Muskwa Bull Trout (2001)

Halfway-Graham Overview (2002)

Fox River Overview (2006)

Upper Toad River and Vents Watersheds Inventory (2001)

Lapie Lake Inventory (2001)

Skeezer Lake Inventory (2001)

Liard River Chum Salmon (2006)

Buckinghorse Pocketknife  Inventory (2002)

Survey on Unnamed Lake (2006)




Sikanni Halfway Bison Range Mapping (2000)


Caribou of Northern BC 

Frog Gataga Caribou   (2000 Madrone)

Graham Caribou  (2001-2003)

 Madrone: NE Caribou Population & Ecology  1999-2004

  1. Final Data Report
  2. Backgrounder
  3. 2003-2004 report
  4. Biogeoclamitic study area
  5. habitat units of study
  6. original collaring locations
  7. Satelite relocation data
  8. VHF relocation data
  9. VHF relocation calving season
  10. VHF relocation late winter

Wildlife Infometrics 

  1. Caribou Range Occupancy Winter  (2010)
  2. Upper Pelley  Finlay Russel Late Winter Habitat  (2009)
  3. Thutade Upper Finlay  (2012)



Thinhorn Sheep

MoE Survey Stone's Sheep 2004

Axys Presentation to M-KAB Sheep in NE BC  (2005)

Sulphur 8 Mile Stone's sheep --Synergy Ecology 2005-2010

  1. Final Research report 
  2. Summary and Management Considerations
  3. S8M Steering Committee letter outlining recommendations to Province and M-KAB
  4. Sulphur 8 Mile MoE Parasitology Survey  (2000-2002)